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Saturday, December 03, 2016
Our Blog is back and its better than ever, hey now hey now our blog is back!
Good morrow to all of you out in cyberspace and welcome back to the glorious (and uproarious) Grain of Salt. We have a crack team working harder than ever to break the best movie news, when there's none out there. We strive to be the only news source with the most inside of scoops. Now onto the hottest rumor of the day: Word has it, 20th Century Fox is ordering a sequel treatment for The Martian (2015). If you recall, the initial movie starred Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on the surface of Mars, prompting a rescue mission to bring him home as he became accustomed to his new life on the red planet. The sequel takes ideas ripped right from the headlines with Elon Musk wanting to colonize Mars in the near distant future. The movie fictionalizes said headlines and shows societal breakdown in a dystopian nature. It is important to point out Fox wants to shift gears toward making it a comedy, as to soften the barbaric nature of the very fabric of human existence. The sequel adds as a cast of Hollywood A-listers (TBD) as the studio takes an The Ocean's Eleven ensemble approach, of which is a nice breath of fresh air in otherwise stale Hollywood franchises. The Martian 2: Colonies opens worldwide on July 27, 2018.

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Monday, September 01, 2008
The Wurst Movie EVER!!!
No no no, it's not the quality that heading speaks of. It's the new movie starring Tim Allen as Ferris Bueller may put it the "sausage king of Chicago." Tim Allen plays the CEO of the largest sausage distributor in the midwest. While filing his taxes, an error goes unnoticed and is audited by the FBI. As the FBI approaches, Allen grabs his family and tells them they're all going on a family vacation, while they are really hiding out from the feds. Allen is the country's biggest fugitive and before long, everyone is hot on him and his family's tail. Courney Cox-Arquette is set to play Allen's wife, while Abigail and Spencer Breslin have been signed as his children. When asked about the movie, Allen said "It's sort of Enemy of the State meets Vacation meets Catch me if you can, I'm having a blast filming, and I'm pretty sure the finished product will keep audiences laughing." Roger Kumble (College Road Trip) has been signed to direct On the Run, which hits theaters next Spring.

Posted at 12:57 pm by grainofsalt
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Sunday, August 31, 2008
Apocalypse Now?
      Fueled by the success of MTV's The Hills and CW's Gossip Girl, New Regency Pictures and Morgan Creek Productions are in the process of making...."The MySpace Movie." Just when you thought conventional methods of suicide weren't good enough comes along a movie that will be quite possibly the worst film of all time, IMDB get that #1 spot ready for the worst film.

     If you haven't noticed, we here at Grain of Salt don't usually give our own opinion on the films we write about, however this is one I can't even talk about without wanting to vomit. The same people that brought us the utterly dreadful Cutthroat Island and, get this, The Shaggy Dog team Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Paris Hilton up as three college girls who find three dates on the popular social networking site. Upon a case of mistaken identity, the girls find themselves in precarious predicaments. I hope this movie never opens, however sources say they are eying an August 2009 release. To quote George Constanza's father: SERENITY NOW!

Posted at 06:40 pm by grainofsalt
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Rob Cohen to take on Scientology Biopic
Rob Cohen, director of such films as Stealth and The Fast and the Furious, will take a dramatic turn with his biopic on the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was a highly controversial public figure during his lifetime. Many details presented by Hubbard of his life and knowledge remain disputed by critics, media, scientists, and even governments. Official Scientology biographies present him as "larger than life, attracted to people, liked by people, dynamic, charismatic and immensely capable in two dozen fields". A very controversial person indeed will prove to be a very controversial film. Universal is happy to have Rob Cohen helm this project. Cohen's picks for L. Ron are Oscar-nominated actors Ed Harris, Dustin Hoffman, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Also in the running for the leading role are Terry O'Quinn (LOST), Dan Hedaya (A Night at the Roxbury), and James Gandolfini (The Sopranos). Rector of Verum: The L. Ron Hubbard Story, which translates from Latin to English as Leader of Controversy: The L. Ron Hubbard Story goes into production this fall. No release date has currently been set.

Posted at 03:40 pm by grainofsalt
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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Come over here before I give ya a knuckle sandwich

Grain of Salt is reporting that Columbia Pictures has started pre-production on a remake of the hit television show Sanford and Son. Keenan Ivory Wayans, along with the help of his two brothers Shawn and Marlon are penning the script. There are a few early drafts of the script which according so Columbia Pictures, appears to look very promising and not like other TV remakes such as The Honeymooners, and Leave it to Beaver. The late Bernie Mac was originally going to play the role as Red Foxx's amazing Fred Sanford, however the role has been recast officially to Mr. John Witherspoon, famous for his roles in the Wayans Brothers show aptly titled The Wayans Brothers, and Friday movie franchise. No surprise as with the casting there as the Wayans know how Witherspoon plays the roles. The official word is that casting for Lamont is still up in the air. Among the finalists are Marlon and Shawn Wayans, in addition to Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and rapper Lil Wayne. The Wayans hope to have the movie completed by July of 2009 with a release of Fall 2009.

Posted at 02:08 pm by grainofsalt
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It only took a year, but the folks behind the yellow curtain have confirmed a Simpsons sequel is indeed in the works. Executive producer and show runner David Silverman shed some light on America's favorite family returning to the big screen. "We were so happy with the response we received from both casual and hardcore fans, we figured, let's do another one." Silverman said the sequel would cater to the more hardcore fans of the series than that of the casual viewer. "We want to do a story that involves everyone's favorite characters, from Hans Moleman to Duffman to Principal Skinner, so we're leaning toward a loosely connected plot showing their own little adventure throughout Springfield similar to fan favorite 22 Short Stories of Springfield. Obviously, we'd beef it up for the big screen, showing at least 70. We're considering this plot and will begin work at the end of this year." We here at Grain of Salt are very excited this idea is coming to fruition. The Simpsons: Around Springfield has a tentative release date of Summer of 2010.

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Friday, August 29, 2008
No 'Sin' Anytime Soon
     The long-awaited sequel to 2005's masterpiece "Sin City" finally has a release date: never. Dimension Films has finally pulled the plug on the sequel, insisting that after three-plus years of waiting, they have decided not to distribute the film.

     Dimension, a unit of The Weinstein Company, made the decision earlier today. Studio Chairmen Harvey Weinstein did not seem too confident on the decision, but stood by it. "We have been patiently waiting for Robert [Rodriguez] and Frank [Miller] since we signed the franchise in 2003. After the success of 'Sin City' we all knew there'd be a sequel, and it would be a few years until release. But the first film was finished four years ago, and they haven't even begun working on the sequel. We simply cannot wait any longer."

     Director Robert Rodriguez was not available to comment, as he is currently working on "Red Sonja."  Frank Miller was reached, and had some strong words for the Weinsteins. "We told them we wanted Angelina [Jolie] for the 'Dame to Kill For' story arc, but had to wait due to her pregnancy. They were very understanding but have been pressuring us to get this thing done. We'd rather take forever and make an incredible movie instead of pumping out bullshit."

     The Weinsteins have stated that Miller/Rodriguez have 30 days to submit a rough draft. If they cannot within the next month, then they will officially shelve "Sin City 2" indefinitely.

Posted at 12:39 pm by grainofsalt
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Party Time! Excellent!
     It's Friday night, 10:30, do you know what's on? Wayne's World! The most successful SNL skit-turned-movie is coming back for a third installment next year. Stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have been talking about making a third movie for several years, and with their apperance at this year's MTV Movie Awards, it looks like "Wayne's World 3" is ready to go.

     "Dana and I have always wanted to do a third movie, but we never really got together to hammer out the details. After the MTV Awards in June, we sat down that weekend and came up with a loose plot. I'm pretty excited."

     When asked about the plot, Carvey gave a surprisingly detailed answer. "Wayne and Garth, in their late forties, are still doing the show. They somehow end up getting syndicated in Japan. At this point we have no idea what'll happen from there, but I can't wait to jump back into that awful wig and glasses."

     "Wayne's World 3" is expected to be released next fall.

Posted at 12:00 pm by grainofsalt
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Thursday, August 28, 2008
With another year comes another helping of American Pie
In a move not surprising to most, Universal has green-lit another American Pie movie, entitled American Pie: The Clam Bake. The next installment of the American Pie movie will focus on two lead roles, Steve Stifler's step-brother Rod Stifler and Jim's cousin Jeremy. Jeremy and Rod are both geeks just finishing high school. They decide to remake themselves over the summer and decide to get the same beach house where the original American Pie crew hung out in American Pie 2.

Upon getting this beach house, in true American Pie fashion, chaos ensues. A series of hilarious situations ensues and Jeremy and Rod are the ones left with egg on their faces. The climax of the movie results in Jeremy and Rod holding a huge clam bake party on the beach. American Pie: The Clam Bake starts production this fall with a straight to DVD release in June 2009.

Posted at 06:43 pm by grainofsalt
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Evolution takes center stage in Jurassic Park 4
The dinosaurs are back and ready for more in Jurassic Park 4. Laura Dern is set to reprise her role as Dr. Elliot Sadler and return to island of Isla Nublar for a field study of the pre-historic plant life and a rare disease that has made its way to the mainland and has killed many. Being a botanist who studied the fauna while on the island, she returns with Dr. Nick Harris (Christian Slater) and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). Upon searching through the plant life, Dr. Harris discovers Dennis Nedry's (Wayne Knight) can of shaving cream containing dinosaur embryos of every species of dinosaur on the island. Upon returning to the mainland, Dr. Harris sells the can to a company that was in competition with Hammond to create a rival park 10 years ago. Upon the denaturing of the embryos, they create new species of dinosaur through genetic engineering, creating a species of dinosaur they hope will make a park that will make more money than the original John Hammond creation will ever make.

Five years pass and Dr. Sadler and Malcolm hear of what happen. They do everything in their power to stop the opening of the new dinosaur park in New York City. Staying true to the tried and true formula of Jurassic Park, chaos thus ensues and becomes the mission of Sadler and Malcolm to save the city and people. John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough) makes a cameo. JP4 is set to open Memorial Day of 2010. We here at GoS have also obtained the teaser poster:


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